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Our Elders serve as Spiritual Leaders for the congregation. They focus on ministry rather than business. Even though they are active in the various committees and programs of the church, they don't make decisions about finances, programs, or property. Instead they assist the pastors in providing pastoral care and ministry to Los Altos Christian Church. You will find them at funerals, in hospitals, visiting in homes, and serving at the Table. You will find our Elders singing in the choir, teaching Sunday School, volunteering at the church office, providing a helping hand at member's homes, and planning fellowships.

Elders serve a 3 year term, with 3-4 new elders joining this ministry team every year.


    The responsibilities for our Elders can be found outlined in LACC’s Constitution and Bylaws. 

    The most visible duty of LACC’s Elders is that of assisting the Pastor at the Lord’s Table.  The Elders give a meditation and prayer for the offering and for the elements of communion. 

    Following each Sunday’s service, the pair of Elders serving that day also visit a specific list of homebound members to share communion. 

    Each Elder is given 7-10 families in the congregation to "shepherd". Even though they provide ministry to the entire congregation, they take special care of the families they have been entrusted with.

    Every Elder is asked to serve on at least one committee or ministry program, and there are several committees that require at least one elder, such as Worship, Minister Relations, and Education committees.



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