Los Altos Christian Church

            Faith ... Family ...


  Los Altos Christian Church . . .

Is the place for you ...

If you're looking for a place where you can grow in FAITH, within a loving community that will quickly become FAMILY, and worship in an atmosphere of FREEDOM which flows from Christ!


A place to grow in . . . FAITH


SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSES ~ 9:15 . . . We have a variety of classes for all ages. We’ll find one

                                                                      just right for you and your family.


SUNDAY WORSHIP ~ 10:30 . . . Our Sunday morning worship services are Sincere, Simple, and

                                                       Spiritual. We’re liturgical and traditional in our worship style, and

                                                       we celebrate the Sacred Seasons of the Church calendar.

                                                       Come and see!                                            


SUNDAY PRAYER SERVICE  (Taize) 5:00 . . . Services are held in the Chapel, located in the north                                                                                         building.  Taize is a sung and silent participatory prayer

                                                                             service designed to achieve a contemplative state

                                                                             through music, song and silence.  The service is between

                                                                             30 and 40 minutes long and uses simple, repetitive songs

                                                                             and ample silence to proclaim and respond to the Word

                                                                             of God.


THURSDAY BIBLE STUDY ~ 5:30 . . . We all bring a sack dinner and eat together before we begin

                                                                our study. Disciples believe that Theology and Biblical

                                                                Interpretation is best developed around the table.




A place to belong to . . . FAMILY


Monthly Fellowships . . . Enjoying good fellowship as a FAMILY is just as important as all the 

                                        other thins we do together. Monthly fellowships include: after church

                                        dinners, Mexican Train, chili cook-offs, Hymn Sings, Valentine Dinner,                                              Trunk or Treat, Family Movie nights, and much more!


Wellness Ministry . . . Guest speakers, classes, health check-ups, blood mobiles, and other

                                    special programs are planned to promote health and wellness in our



Celebrations & Sorrows . . . As a FAMILY we rejoice and grieve together. Funerals, showers,

                                             baby dedications, graduations, and weddings are honored and



Special Interest Classes . . . Throughout the year Los Altos Christian Church will host a wide

                                              variety of classes: Line Dancing, Yoga, Cooking, Sewing, Guitar, and

                                              many more.


Ministers & Ministries . . . We believe in the Priesthood of all Believers so members of the

                                          congregation are encouraged and invited to minister. Together we

                                          visit shut-ins, sew quilts for the sick and suffering, cook meals for the

                                          ill and grieving, and send cards to members and visitors.



An atmosphere of . . . FREEDOM


Open Communion . . . Disciples celebrate communion during weekly worship and the Lord's table is

                   open to all who believe in Jesus Christ.


The Church is ONE . . . We believe that all Christians are called to be ONE in the Body of Christ and

                                    seek unity and fellowship with all denominations.


Freedom of Belief . . . As Disciples, we are called together around two essentials of faith: a belief

                                   that Jesus is the Christ the Son of the Living God, our Lord and Savior, and a

                                   belief that Christians are free to follow their own consciences, guided by the

                                   Bible, the Holy Spirit, fellowship and study in community, and prayer. As

                                   Disciples we not only enjoy this Freedom in Christ, we respectfully extend   

                                   that freedom to others.


Baptism by Immersion . . . In believers baptism, the old self-centered life is set aside and a new

                                           life of faith in GOD begins. Although Disciples practice baptism by

                                           immersion, all other baptism traditions are honored and received.


Ministry of Believers . . . Both ministers and lay people are encouraged and invited to lead in the

                                        worship service and at the table. We are ALL called to minister and serve

                                        each other and are dedicated to spiritual growth.